Thalma Our values

At Thalma, we dedicate all our competencies to serve our customer’s performance. Designed to fulfill their requirements today, Thalma solutions will be able to answer their ambitions tomorrow. Every new development or service is made for answering new requirements or evolutions that may appear in the Fashion world processes.

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At Thalma, IT specialists and industry experts are working together. The advantage is a dual expertise: technical and functional. From the beginning to the end, the customer remains at the heart of this process.

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Whether it is concerning software implementation, support management, change management or enhancement of functionalities in our solutions, our people cogitate tirelessly…

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Often coming from Fashion companies, Thalma consultants know a fair bit about business specificities. They are opened to listening and understanding your expectations, and search for the best possible answer.

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As project manager, Thalma dedicates consultants and guides you throughout your project. In terms of planning, functional scope or budget, our commitments are firm.

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At Thalma, all technological researches aim for enhancing functionalities or creating new ones. Technology has to stay simple and transparent for you and just simplify your life.